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The NodeCode project has moved to

We haven't pushed any updates or added videos since starting the last major version and we apologize to anyone waiting. We've made many core changes that were need to enable the next phases of development but also have improved performance dramatically.

The next version has been released under the new name of NodifyMe. NodifyMe is the successor to NodeCode but while there are indeed core changes to the way that the software works (all for the better), it will still be very familiar to anyone who has used NodeCode. The name was changed for many reasons that are probably not important enough to share but are important for the longevity of the project.If you are happy using NodeCode then feel free to keep doing so!

If you want the latest, head over to and start building immediately. Node: We are still writing documentation and readying projects but you can download now and get started immediately.

Getting started

NodeCode only needs one Windows machine to operate but can expanded to use many computers, your mobile phone and single board processors like the Raspberry Pi. Download to get started now!

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NodeCode services expand the capabilities available to your NodeCode system. Try some of the social media services to interact with your friends!

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We've got some getting started tutorials, projects and technical documentation here to help you build whatever you can dream up.

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