NodeCode Programs

This doc goes over what a NodeCode program is, how services are installed and what nodes are.
1/7/2017 11:44:01 PM
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1/26/2017 1:29:41 AM


What is a NodeCode Program? 

A NodeCode Program is simply a collection of connections between the Services running on the different devices. 


Installing a Service Pack

Once a Service Pack has been added to the Hub, it can then be installed from the Program Canvas by simple dragging and dropping the service under Available Services onto a device.  If the Service Pack for the platform has been downloaded, you will see the mouse cursor turn into a plus sign, meaning that it is installable on the that platform.



Once the Service has been installed, you will see Service appear under that Device.  The cube next to the Service will be gray until you right-click on the Service and click 'Start'.  The Service will take a moment the first time to start to register itself with the Hub and register all its connection points.


Once the Service starts, you are now in business and can start dragging Nodes onto the Program Canvas. 



The Nodes represent functionality of a Service.  Each of the Nodes have a set of Inputs and Outputs of certain types that allow data to flow in between them.  Some Nodes also have properties that allow you to change some parameters of the Nodes right from the Node Property pane.


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