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In this doc we will talk about Views and what they are used for as well as give a simple example.
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We make time to add videos after finishing some feature or change in the product. Please subscribe to get notifications and please shoot us a message if you like what you see or if you don't have the same experience. 


Google Plus

We tend to repost links that we send here since there is a nice notification system in place that people can subscribe/unsubscribe from.



We post here occasionally though we tend to see more interest in Google Plus and the three hacker sites below.


We have a project page on each of the project sites below:








Please always feel free to email us for assistance. 


NodeCode is not like most of the software running on most machines in which the environment is fully known and test for.  We aim to target many different devices, and OSes, all communicating over many different types of networks.  If you don't tell us there is a problem then probably will not know for a long time.  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

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