Version Release Notes - 2.1.6

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2/22/2017 5:03:25 PM
Last Updated:
2/22/2017 8:45:42 PM


Version 2.1.6


The majority of changes in this build are about adding, improving and automating tests and overall reliability. Distributed computing has a lot of balancing, error handling, network hiccup handing etc. We are taking steps to make sure that we are not destabilizing future builds while still being able to iterate and add features quickly.  This (testing and stability) will be a large theme over the remainder of the 2.x release schedule (we still have work to do).


We've also continued updating the user interface as we work on the tests and continue improving the back end.  We dog food our products and fix annoyances that we have so you'll see some improvements throughout.


Besides stability issues, we have added the following that you will be able to see from the perspective of a user:


Hub List

We've add a Hub Scanner that will help you locate any running Hubs on your local network.


Setup Changes

·         Add ability to uninstall Agent and Hub from a Raspberry Pi remotely.

·         Overall UI beautification to the Remote UI


Node programmer fixes

·         Added tooltips for Service, Node, ServiceTypes and Wires

·         Fixed context menu hot-spot issues (some context menu parts were not registering a click)

·         Added wire highlight (wire gets thicker for easier tracing when hovered over)

·         Fixed resize bug that caused items to creep to the right-bottom over time

·         Added changed value indicator to node property list

·         Added view icon to Views on the canvas to further differentiate between views and nodes on the desktop



·         Added ability to select/deselect top most selectable within view

·         Fixed issue with wires not disconnecting sometimes

·         Added view types to the top right corner of the view element in the view for easier identification when using fields that look similar (text entry & number entry)

·         Fixed so that you can design view and live view updates in real-time

·         Fixed issue with view element move





·         Fixed intermittent error on the arm build. Build parameter was missing that caused some issues at random times.


·         Fixed issue that prevented the Serial Address from changing.

·         Added notification if the Serial Address has any issue connecting after the user saves the new Serial Address


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