Version 2.0 Release Notes

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1/8/2017 12:24:23 AM
Last Updated:
1/26/2017 1:32:27 AM


Hub now runs on all version of the Raspberry Pi!!

- This can be installed remotely from NodeCode Studio


Install Process Simplified

Updated the install process for the scanned/found Raspberry Pis agent from the NodeCode desktop app.

- It is no longer required to use root access when setting up NodeCode.

- Hub can be remotely installed along with the prerequisites.

- Agent is remotely installed along with the prerequisites.


Hub Configuration and Crypto Keys

Added a view specifically for managing the keys for a Hub and more information when a key error occurs.

Added a mechanism for grabbing the Hub keys when on the same network.

- This used to require a copy by the user to NodeCode Studio or the mobile app.



Added the ability to move, stretch and collapse view elements across rows and columns

Added view configuration to the NodeCode framework allowing us to add configuration options to view elements. (i.e. vertical vs horizontal layout for sliders, max, min values etc)


View Elements

Updated all of the elements and fixed some bugs that would could cause endless loops between the views and the nodes.

Added a numerical slider with Max/Min orientation settings.

Added a new boolean switch that is easier to use.

Added a DateTime viewer that automatically converts GMT times to local time.


NodifyMe (Mobile App)

Added the ability to scan for a local hub when on the same network when using the mobile app (NodifyMe)

Updated the Hub view in the Droid (NodifyMe) app

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