12V to 5V Voltage Regulator

Brief Description:
4-32V to 1.25-30V Step-down Power Regulator
More Info:

These little things are used in almost every project that goes uses a DC circuit.  It is super easy way to turn almost any DC power source that you have at your disposal into a nice, clean, efficient power source for your single-board computer(s) or microcroller(s).



  • Analog control: adjust the screw on top of the potentiometer clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or decrease the output Voltage
  • Has very Stable output, the output range is DC 1 25~30 0V, please note the input Voltage should be higher than output Voltage at least 2V
  • Press the mode switch, the display will cycle through the output Voltage, output current and input Voltage
  • The output Voltage can be turned on/off by the on/off switch, when the output is off, the digital tube will display off
  • With reversed polarity protection and short circuit protection, more safe to use; the display is very accurate
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    1/24/2017 8:25:51 PM

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