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We use LEDs for just about every project! We can't quite get enough of them.
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  • Contains 25 LEDs of 5 kinds
  • Comes with some 200 ohm, 1/4-watt resistors for making connections.
  • Great for electronic and electrical experiments

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Contains 5 Diffused Reds, 5 Diffused Yellows, 5 Diffused Greens, 5 Clear Blues and Clear Whites. These light-emitting diodes work well for a wide variety of applications. Comes with some resistors for connection. Forward Voltages are Red 1.9-2.0V, Yellow & Green 2.0-2.1V, Clear Blue and Clear White: 3.0-3.2V. Packaged in a resealable zip lock bag for your ease of use.

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1/24/2017 8:25:49 PM

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