10 Watt Solar Kit

Brief Description:
10 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit
More Info:

Solar panels are getting cheaper by the day!  We use them all over the deserts of the southwest where we are operating without electricity and need reliable power.


The panel below is the cheapest one that we've found and works well for us in remote locations when used with power sipping circuits like the Arduino Micro Pro 3.3v and an ultra low powered radio.


Linked Panel Details:

  • Can be applied to various DC appliance, Ideal for everyday use
  • Less than 2kgs, small in size and easy to take
  • Water-proof solar panel with long lasting aluminum frame provides over 20 years lifespan
  • 3A 12V/24V PWM charge controller, overcharge and over discharge protection for the battery
  • Battery clips with 2m extension wire, easy and convenient for operation.



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    1/24/2017 8:25:55 PM

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