Services are where the action is at; each one adds exponentially more possibilities!
All of the other components organize, monitor, install and connect the different Services together but the Service itself is where the magic actually happens! All of the input, output and processing happen within these and they can leverage each other by connecting the internal Nodes of one Service together with another Service's Nodes.
The combinations are endless and we look forward to seeing what you create!
We'll be adding new services often so check back soon!

Provides various nodes for manipulating text signals.
The System service exposes functions that are common from most operating system.
Provides nodes and processes that perform common nodes that evaluate, convert and transform signals.
Provides nodes that interface with a raspberry pis pins.
Contains different types of nodes for converting data types into other data types
Allows interaction with Twitter using NodeCode streams
Provides nodes and processes that work directly with Insteon products.
Contains simple nodes for common arithmetic operations.
Supports various input controllers